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Check that out! It’s the cover to Year Five. Pretty awesome, no? I love how Dark Everett and Prime make a mushroom cloud. Dex really killed it!

Now that we have covers finalized, and the pages are locked, we are going to Kickstart Cura Te Ipsum Year Five in print on MAY NINTH!

This year we made a few changes, reflecting what we learned last year. We’re going back to the old printer, and we’ve got a much more modest, more easily achievable goal of $4,500.

If we are successful, we get an awesome book to share with you all. If we go OVER our modest goal, we can take some of those funds and apply them directly to the next comic, The Domain What’s The Domain? Well, as Patreon folks already know, The Domain is a story about humanity’s future, once we’ve conquered the stars, but not the greed and selfishness that drove us from Earth in the first place.

You’ll hear more about that soon, but for now, if you could set your chronometers and tweet-majiggers and the Book of Faces to help us have a bang-up first day, we’d REALLY appreciate it, because the first day of a Kick is the most important. We will have the standard fare of the previous Kickstarters, but if there’s anything you’d like to see outside of that, now’s the time to speak up!

If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask. Otherwise, enjoy a parting look at the hardcover! It’s by far my favorite of the five thusfar, and gives you an idea of how the coloring will look for The Domain, as well.